The SOS Day


You are cordially invited to attend for Free, for a Fee or as a V.I.P. The SOS Day on 21st June 2014

Please R.S.V.P. Text to +44-7540-564-495 and +44-7540-564-494  with the code #SOS2

Please review this page fully to find out the facts about the What, Where, When and Why.

Limited M.A.P.S. and Spaces available which will be provided on a “First Come First Served” basis.

What: LimitLessNOW™ presents The SOS Day™

  • A unique and bespoke opportunity to have a quantum breakthrough in your ability and experience of being limitless in every area of your life
  • Experience THE future IN advance™.
  • Unique exclusive opportunities will be presented that you can leverage for your life and business.
  • Meet and get proprietary updates with and from members of the Global Leadership Council™ and Global Expansion Team™.
  • Meet the Founders and have the opportunity to ask any questions and make suggestions to optimise your experience and those of the membership.
  • Make great connections in a safe, sacred space
  • Experience and Discover new distinctions


  • LimitLessNOW™ now provides unique solutions, secrets, distinctions and experiences to each participant that will enable them to produce a Quantum Breakthrough™ in what’s possible for themselves and their lives.
  • We have been authorised to share only with those Members, Mentors and Masters who attend live on the day the news of what will be launched in the next quarter and beyond and what is available to select individuals who qualify on the day – in some cases at zero cost.
  • This is a turning point in human history, and those who are educated, prepared and resourced can leverage what’s possible to create a truly LimitLess Experience™.
  • When would now be a great time to breakthrough your limits and start being LimitLessNOW™?


  • 05:55am => Masters and Prospective Masters
  • 06:30am => Mentors and Prospective Mentors
  • 07:07am => Members and Prospective Members

M.A.P.S. Access:

  • FREE => Up to 13:00 => Sharing Our Solutions™
    • Lunch & Upgrades
  • FEE    => Up to 18:00 => Sharing Our Secrets™
    • Dinner & Upgrades
  • VIP     => Up to 00:00 (Midnight) => Celebrating THE future IN advance™
    • Movies
    • Music
    • Dancing
    • Meet the Millionaires and V.I.P.s


  • Live in the World: London, UK (Central – Zone 1 & 2)
    • We will be travelling and using multiple venues during the day.
    • We will be meeting in Central London.
    • We will be ending the various sections in Central London.
    • Participants may qualify to be given opportunities to visit other locations outside London and the UK – full details will only be provided to participants during the day.
    • Full itinerary details will only be provided on a need to know basis and to those Members, Mentors and Masters who are certified and qualified.
  • Remote:
    • On The Phone – Some elements will be available over the phone
      (Conference Call Lines will be provided on approved request only)
    • Over The Web – Some elements will be available over the web
      (Skype and Steaming sites will be provided on approved request only)

Please note:

Each participant is to bring a fully valid and approved picture id (Passport) and where held also their driving licence. Each participant is also fully responsible for their own travel, living and communication expenses.


To Register to Participate

Choose to participate as a VIP, for a fee or for FEE.

We would encourage everyone to choose to upgrade and participate as a VIP


  1. Donate at Master 1 to 9 via
  2. Bring ONE only of your friends, family or business partners or clients


  1. Speak to your referring Member, Mentor or Master


  1. Register using the FreshForm below.
  2. Send a Text to  +44-7540-564-495 and +44-7540-564-494 with your first name, last name, date of birth, email and #SOS
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the application process.

LIVE Participation Requirements

All participants attending LIVE in the world must bring with them to be eligible to participate on the day.

  • Their Journal – ideally a Jim Rohn Leadership Journal
  • A working pen
  • A valid and working debit card
  • A valid and working credit card
  • Cash in GBP Pound Sterling – ideally £111.11 or more
  • Their Passport & Photo ID
  • Their valid and full driving licence if held
  • A swimming costume – please note this is required, you will not be “required” to swim.

Rules for Participation:

All participants consent and agree of their volition to:

  • UK Law Applies
  • Assume Nothing and Confirm Everything
  • Expect Nothing and Experience Everything
  • Communication – To stay in communication and communicate before action
  • Be 100% Responsibility for their own well being and what does and does not occur
  • No Arguing, Blaming or Complaining
  • Keep strictly confidential – what they see, hear and experience
  • Not to share any of the intellectual property, solutions, secrets, conversations, actions, experiences, participants, hosts or locations with any 3rd party without prior verbal and written consent.
  • Sign and Comply with Contractual ONE 
  • Cover their own T.L.C. Expenses
  • Comply with the HOST at all times


Douglas Ward Kelley

CEO, Artist, Producer, Writer and Philanthropist

I am truly looking forward to The SOS Day and look forward to meeting all of you.

Simon Hedley

Simon Hedley

MD, Founder, Visionary, Business Man

I am grateful for the opportunity to meet, share and add value to the exceptional Members, Mentors and Masters of LimitLessNOW™ during The SOS Day.